The first Jack Russell I ever came in contact with belonged to a friend of mine, Dorothy McLennan.  Her name was Cricket and she was a great little terrier.  She loved to hunt anything that was available to hunt!  I immediately was taken with this little bundle of inquisitive energy.  Our first Jack Russell came to us from our good friends Ali and Mike Lubbock and their son Brent who own Sylvan Heights Waterfowl here in Scotland Neck.  We had gone with them to a couple of the fun days that the Triangle Hunt used to put on in Raleigh at Fantasia Farm.  Ali saw that we were hooked and the Lubbocks graciously gave us a puppy from the next litter they had.  Brent helped us pick out the pup, and the rest is history!  We brought him home and named him Spunk, and as I said on the home page, our lives haven't been the same since!!!   Many times since then I have told Ali that she didn't have any idea what she was starting back then...

We have met a host of wonderful friends through being active with our terriers at fun days and trials.  All of you have been instrumental in helping us as we continue to enjoy this wonderful breed of terrier! 
To all of you we say a heartfelt 

         God Bless You All!!           
In Memory    1991~2005
Thank you boy for all those wonderful years!
We sure do miss you.
I hope there is a pinball machine just for you over the Rainbow Bridge!
Our Beginnings...