Puppies are sold to approved homes only.  
 We make every effort to ensure each terrier will become 
a welcome member of it's new family.  All potential owners are given a 
Short Course, so to speak, on the Jack Russell's innate characteristics.  Buyers need to understand that these little terriers are loyal companions with boundless energy and a strong hunt drive.  They are extremely intelligent and will keep you entertained with their antics.  
In order to have a happy and well adjusted Jack Russell it is important that you have a fenced yard 
and provide the terrier with plenty of exercise.

Puppies are sold by reservation.
 Prospective families are placed on a waiting list in the order deposits are received.
All puppies are health guaranteed.

We understand that even the best matches are sometimes affected by unavoidable situations in life... as a  result, we will take back our terriers at any time during their life.

Before Purchasing a Jack Russell Terrier please visit the 
Jack Russell Terrier Club of America website 
for valuable information about these wonderful little dogs. 
Be sure the Jack Russell Terrier is the right dog for you and your family.

       If you would like more information about our terriers, please feel free                to contact us.              
phone (252)883-4809 
or e-mail  

Thank you for your interest!

This page was last updated: April 7, 2018
As well as having Jack Russell Terrier Puppies for sale, 
from time to time Winslow Farms Jack Russell Terriers 
has adult terriers available to approved homes.
Some of these terriers are for sale and some are simply 
looking for a loving home.
These wonderful terriers have been a part of our family and make loving companions!  
Because these terriers are very special to us, finding a suitable, forever home for them is extremely important to us.

At this time we don't have any terriers for sale.

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